AboutĀ iApp Marketing

iApp Marketing leverages the power of collaboration to develop your ideas into reality.

iApp Marketing is a local company with local resources based in Canberra, Australia. Offering a Collaborative iOS Application Development environment. Providing to our clients confidential submission process for their iOS (iPod, iPhone and iPad) application ideas. iApp Marketing, workswith you to develop your application ideas for the iPod, iPad or iPhone. Ifapproved iApp Marketing is able to fund the fund the development of your iOS application and work in a capped profit share arrangement. (ie: NoCash Down to you).

If you would like to know more about what iApp Marketing an do with your ideas please get in touch with us and lets chat.


How iApp Marketing works with you

iApp Marketing works with you to develop your ideas into working iPod, iPhoneor iPad applications. Many people and business have the ideas for what a great application would be, though sadly a lot of these applications won’t make it to the iTunes store let alone a persons device on the other side of the world.

A common misconception with applications is that they need to be made for everybody? Though did you know you can develop specific applications for your staff? Developing an application in this way you can use targeted and specific business language in your application. Many applications are a one size fits many approach, and while this works. What if your business is outside of the “most”?

Of course for mass appeal you will want to develop an application that fits the one size fits all approach. The best thing about application development is there is no right or right and with Apple activating in excess of 230,000 iOS devices a day, your market is growing more and more each day.


iApp Marketing is developing applications for iOS (iPad, iPhone devices) and now Android devices. We have a few applications in development, and many more submissions for consideration.

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